A profile of Institute of Clinical Nutrition

Masters Degree Program

I.    The Objective of Establishment

This institute’s developmental orientation is based on synthesizing the teaching and research of basic medicine and clinical nutrition and understanding the interrelationship between nutritional elements and diseases.  Or, by means of cell nutritional therapy and molecular nutritional therapy improve chronic diseases and cancer and so on.  Furthermore, we focus on researching the application of nutritional agent to clinical medicine.

        We explore into such nutrition-related medical problems as gastrointestinal pathology, viral hepatitis, fatty liver, renal failure, periodontal diseases,

atherosclerosis, diabetes, chronic wounds, and cancers.

II.      Curriculum

The required courses include seminar on medical nutrition, statistics for medical purpose and test design, advanced nutrition, nutrition and geriatric medicine, clinical diagnostic medicine, nutritional pathology, advanced physical pathology, and practice on clinical nutrition.

The selective courses include experimental zoology, microelement nutrition, immunology, cell biology, cancer medical special discussion, and clinical nutrition expertise, and so on.

III.   Career Development

Our graduates may work at scholastic institutes, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, health food companies, medical biotechnical companies as researchers, promoters, or study for further degrees.

IV.  Perspective

At the moment, this institute cooperates with Kuang Tien General Hospital, Show Chwan Memorial Hospital in Changhua, Cheng Ching Hospital and establish bonded research projects. This institute shall continue developing further cooperation with other hospitals in middle Taiwan and go toward the establishment of postgraduate degree program.

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